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5 Huge Mistakes African Bloggers Need To Avoid

Creating content is a herculean task, and you are bound to make mistakes without even knowing sometimes.  The good news is, mistakes are actually great. They help us make the necessary changes and exercises our resilience muscle.Today, I want to share 5 huge mistakes African bloggers and content creators need to avoid.1. WRITING FOR ONLY… Continue reading 5 Huge Mistakes African Bloggers Need To Avoid


Hello July

I can't wait to embrace all the opportunities and possibilities within the next half of this year. It's amazing how so much can change in such a little time. One minute, I was feeling suffocated, bored and boxed up with the whole pandemic issue and the next minute I feel refreshed and charged up with… Continue reading Hello July

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4 Things I Have Learnt on Social Media

I know we like to think that social media isn't all that and it is filled with a bunch of fake people begging for attention. Well, right now, I am afraid to announce that everyone is literally begging for attention. I want to get noticed, you want to get noticed, we all want to get… Continue reading 4 Things I Have Learnt on Social Media

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What can I Teach You?

Day 05: Being an educator, it's amazing how this prompt really proved difficult to write. I am in an awkward position because I can't come up with one thing I can really teach a variety of my audience from different walks of life, races, and geographical locations. I have written loads of blog posts to… Continue reading What can I Teach You?

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Becoming My Name

Day 04 Most people write me off when they see me. They do not know my story. They say I am just an African. They judge me before they get to know me. What they do not know is The pride I have in the blood that runs through my veins; The pride I have… Continue reading Becoming My Name

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My Favourite Local Food

I yam what I yam. — Yam lovers Day 03 My favourite local dish is anything that has to do with yam: Porridge yam Pounded yam and soup Yamarittas Boiled yam Fried yam Roasted yam Frozen yam (This doesn't exist but I am willing to take the chance) Let me take you on a delicious… Continue reading My Favourite Local Food

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The Main Goal of my Blog

Day 02 I know many bloggers have a definite goal for their blog. Well, unfortunately, I don't or better put, I wasn't really thinking about this when I started blogging. At first, my blog was just a bunch of rudderless articles strewn in an ocean of content because all I did was write, write, and… Continue reading The Main Goal of my Blog

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The Introduction (III) —My Commitment Pledge

Day 01 I can't believe it's been a year since I participated in this winter blogging challenge. For those who don't know, Winter Abc or Winter Blogging Challenge is a 30-day blogging challenge organised by Afrobloggers every year in the month of June. African writers from around the continent participate in this writing challenge. Click… Continue reading The Introduction (III) —My Commitment Pledge

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Vincent Ehindero Award (II)

I got nominated again for this award! I want to thank Emmanuel Eromonsele for nominating me for this award. Let's meet Emmanuel! Emmanuel is an avid travel blogger. He explores everything about travel and destinations in Nigeria. From art galleries, museums, cultural centres, and monuments to fun spots, beaches, and many more popular destinations. If… Continue reading Vincent Ehindero Award (II)