The Good and The Bad

So many people refer to themselves as good individuals, few maybe; may regard themselves as bad people.

The reason for their acceptance of being good or bad could be from what other people think of them.
Sometimes, I wonder if there are really good and bad people or are the terms “good” and “bad” just labels we paste on people.

It really gets me pondering what makes a person bad or good? Is it their actions we personally condemn or applaud or their intentions we may not decipher.

For instance, if a colleague comes to visit you after a misfortune, it perhaps shows the person is really kind and thoughtful so we may consider the person as good but what if the intention was just to gloat.

Well, of course, you can’t know that because we can’t decipher intentions that are masked with pretentious actions. So, we tag the person as good whereas the person, in fact, is bad.

Unfortunately, we are left with the problem of knowing who is good? and who is bad?

Well, that aside; in as much as we may not get it right with others, how about ourselves? Do you think you are a good or bad person? Can we sincerely rate our actions and intentions to others and say “yeah, I am a good person or no I am not.”

I am assuming you are going to read this post and probably wonder what my answer to the question of whether I consider myself good or bad is? So here it goes, I am a good person but far from perfect.

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