You know what? I am certain you deserve to be happy. Yes, you! reading this post.

Do you want to know why? It’s pretty simple and straightforward because you don’t deserve otherwise; believe it or not.

When I say happy, I don’t mean some drug-induced kind of happiness or just a temporary rush of ecstasy. I am talking about true happiness that hits the core of your soul and makes you feel at peace with your existence.

Every day we stress about a lot of things; work, relationships, money, trends, weather, kids, traffic and all what have you. We worry so much and most times eventually get lost in all of the things life throws at us.

It’s really sad to know we sometimes even forget to just catch our breath, relax and remind ourselves about what is really important?

Do we even know what is really important? Well, I can’t say for you but for me, it is my utmost happiness. It may sound selfish but it is the truth and I deserve it.

Understanding what is really important to me helps me prioritize and draws a lot of positivity into my existence which motivates and inspires my daily routine.

I still worry nevertheless, it is probably an inevitable conscious activity as a human being.

However, I know that whatever life throws at me, my happiness is all that matters, this realization somewhat guides my actions and reactions.

I got inspired last night and decided to write this post for a person out there who is probably depressed due to a ton of things they can or can’t control.

Perhaps, you have a really cranky boss or a spouse that does not appreciate your efforts and puts you down, or you are tired of being broke like me or just generally dissatisfied about your life.

Whatever it is, if your happiness is the most important thing to you, then you should take actions towards being happy because you deserve it and that is the only thing you are solely responsible for. Do not ever forget that.

14 thoughts on “YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY

  1. Davey says:

    I deserve happiness. That’s easy to write about. At times, I wonder, can you do a follow-up about practical steps to make this a daily routine.


  2. Trigger says:

    Bla bla bla*** another millenial feeling deserving of happiness. No wonder we are having the highest degree of teen suicides today. SMH


    • Ria's Haven says:

      Hi trigger,

      If you don’t deserve happiness then what do you suppose you deserve?….besides if teenagers knew they deserve true happiness, they would not even think of taking their lives in the most despicable way


    • Ria's Haven says:

      Lol…. being broke is in fact just a phase of life, it wont be a permanent situation. As long as you are hardworking, you are definitely going to come out from this phase. Looking forward to hearing from you.


  3. Radoo says:

    Are you suggesting that we adopt a hedonistic world view? Have you considered that my happiness could depend on killing children or torturing animals? While your post is superficially soothing, I am afraid it encourages selfishness and seeks to make us modern day epicureans.


    • Ria's Haven says:

      Hello radoo,

      You can interpret my message to mean anything but as I defined it as ‘you deserve to have true happiness’ not something twisted by the way. Well, sometimes selfishness is good. you know, to not forget yourself while trying to make others happy.


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