Money they say makes the world go round, everyone wants to be rich. You know, amassing wealth for yourself so you can live comfortably or luxuriously, feel powerful and important or just maybe have or feel a sense of responsibility.

It is one thing to know why you want to be rich, it is entirely another thing to know how rich you want to be?

So many folks want to be rich enough to acquire both their needs and wants (they don’t mean the same thing), and when they fall short of that which will definitely happen; it is going to cause a lot of depression and sadness.

You know why? Humans are insatiable and you are always going to lack because you can never afford your wants!. So I thought about my answer to the question real hard and decided that I don’t think I want to be rich.

You are probably surprised at my response. Well, here comes the rest of my answer, I just need to have enough to be able to afford everything I need not want and also enough to singlehandedly pay medical/health expenses for a loved one.

Reading this you are probably asking ‘so how much exactly are we talking about?’ Well, about that I can’t say but that is how rich I want to be. *winks*


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