This is specially for the ladies. So I got several requests to write something on relationships and love; Everyone seems to be talking about relationships from seminars to religious programmes or just advises and tips from friends and family.

Personally, I know a thing or two about relationships in that they can be so refreshing and exciting or draining and heart breaking as the case may be. So here is my list of men you should dump, if you are a guy in any of this category then you need to take steps in becoming a better person for your partner.



These ones get angry so easily over little and insignificant things, they always feel threatened about everything and consider your opinions as offensive on any ground. They even blame you for their rage; they always say things like “why do you like getting me angry?” or “why are you this stubborn”. As they are usually not open to suggestions and it makes it frustrating to be with these kind of men because they only listen to reply not to understand. Even when you try to discuss some things they do that hurt you, you actually end up apologizing just so they can shut up with all the noise.

Dump him, Angry Birds are very destructive!



I also like to call them MIA (missing in action), being in a relationship with men like this gets you confused on whether you are single or not. He will be around for let’s say one month and the next three months you don’t hear from him, he doesn’t take your calls or reply your messages. All of a sudden he appears from nowhere and start bugging your lines, sometimes even starts accusing you of not caring enough. He always claim he is so busy. No one is that busy not to keep in touch with loved ones.

With these ones, do not hesitate to call it quits because chances are he is probably a married man or he has a serious relationship with someone elsewhere.



Obsessive Compulsive Lovers that’s what I call them , at first you enjoy their company and love to be around them; then you start feeling choked up like you can’t breathe in your space, they are all up in your business, wanting to know where you are going or what you are doing, he has all your friends contact if he can’t reach you for an hour he starts bugging all your friends, he gets scary jealous of guys being your friends, you don’t feel safe being alone with him anymore. He is a nuisance to you and those around you.

This one is tricky to deal with but trust me it is not a healthy relationship



These kinds are very annoying to be with, when you meet them initially you think they are great conversationalist, they always have something exciting to say, they happen to know all the big places in Lagos, be associated with celebrities and powerful personalities. It is very exciting at first to be dating someone who is influential until things don’t start to add up, the stories starts changing then it dawns on you are dating a serial pathological liar. They have a way of making you look stupid. They lie for no obvious reasons.

No apologises to these kind of men dump them ASAP! For all we know he may not have even told you his real name and that his apartment could be for a distant cousin.



He always has a way of draining you of your happiness, he likes to put you down all the time, expressly lets you know he is doing you a favour by being with you, how they are so many prettier girls he could have picked from but he had mercy on you and picked you instead; so you should be grateful, he doesn’t appreciate anything you do, constantly giving negative comments.

Don’t let him break you girl, dump him!!!. He is of all men most miserable, don’t let him drag you into his misery.



They are two kinds of guys in this category the one that constantly talks about his problems so that you can chip in the “how much do you need?” line and the one that demands it.

The first category usually comes on as being honest at first with talks like how he has business ideas, his mother is dying, his rent is expiring blah blah blah all he needs is just some certain amount of money to make all his problems in life go away; The problem with this category is that they are usually very lazy and like currying sympathy on themselves.

The second category on the other hand is bolder and carries himself with poise he doesn’t make it look like he is pitiful and you may realise this type of category late, it is usually hard to believe that the guy who drives a very nice car with good clothes is trying to defraud me of a small amount of money. Wake up dear!!! That is the catch to make you believe he doesn’t really need all that money he is asking you for.

Dump these ones very fast, before your account balance reads zero

16 thoughts on “6 KINDS OF MEN YOU SHOULD DUMP”

  1. Wow!!!!! Inspiring writeup.. Buhari in recent times, lol…..you’re so right about that.
    You’re really writing great stuffs, believe me. Like I always say……*you’re going places*


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