Your LIFE Your RULES (part 1)


Its been raining cats and dogs all day and night around here, and I have kind of been under the weather lately.

Truth be told, I have not been feeling very inspired; been kind of busy with school work and other pressing matters.

However, I decided to drop some of my thoughts with you regardless.

So many of us live our lives based on somebody else’s truth, our lives take shape and form as a result of what we think others think it should be.

We may not even realise it yet. So let’s try to confirm this; ask yourself what personal rules do you live by? Many of us will think deeply and come up with nothing, absolutely nothing.

It could be really shocking realising you have had no personal rules at all, you are not alone here. This was me some few years back, living my life with no personal rules.

I had to learn how to construct my personal rules and it has really helped me to shape the kind of person I am proud of today. Maybe sometime in the future, I could share my personal rules with you but today it’s about you not me.

WWSo this is my little assignment to my readers today. It is about time to define your life by your own rules.

Have a lovely day!







8 thoughts on “Your LIFE Your RULES (part 1)”

  1. No one can make you inferior without your consent, because people will see you the way you see yourself. Setting your own rules earns you respect from people and makes you distinct from others. Nice writeup Ria…


  2. If you truly evaluate your life and consider what gives you stress, you’ll realise that 95% off it comes from the “rules” of family, peers and society. I’m not suggesting that people shun rules entirely but one should know what rules should be obeyed.


  3. Trying to please others or live by their rules is a recipe for failure, disappointments, and ultimately depression. The moment I stopped trying to consider others’ rules and expectations; I found freedom to do the things I loved without the constant pressure of measuring up.


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