We are about to be ushered into a new week and as usual I suppose we are very much expectant about the good tidings this week will bring to us.

I decided to write this specifically to someone who has been really hurt, who feels cheated and betrayed.

All of the anger, resentment and bitterness you feel right now does you no good; it only takes away your happiness and makes you really ugly on the inside. I know it is not easy forgiving the offending party especially if the person(s) involved does not even realise how much they hurt you; but you need to understand that forgiveness is the only way to untie the knots in your chest and offset the bitterness you feel so as to make you beautiful and cheerful again. You don’t forgive because of others, you forgive because of yourself; it is you who gains more when you forgive and let go. You become free again.


Happy New Week To My Readers!!! *Big grin* Stay Happy Always!!!


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