Once upon a time, a jewellery shop got burgled at midnight. The thieves did something interesting; instead of stealing jewellery they just swapped the price tags. They took tags of the very expensive jewellery and placed it on very cheap jewellery and vice-versa. When they were done, they left taking nothing with them.

By morning the jeweller came in, having set everything in place the night before he opened his shop for the day. Many customers came in to make their purchases as usual. A middle-aged woman walked in and went straight ahead to the shelves that had the expensive price tags, she picked one of the jewellery on display and said to herself “oh my, it is expensive it must be worth it” she walked to the counter and paid for it. A younger woman came into the shop, walked past all the shelves whilst examining carefully; she could not understand why the jewellery of utmost value were tagged as low price. Without wasting any more time asking herself questions she picked as many as she could lay her hands on and hurried off to the counter to pay. Another lady walked in, she didn’t have enough money and just wanted to get any jewellery at all for her daughter so she went straight to the counter and took the cheapest of all and paid for it. The jewellery she took was of real value but the woman didn’t know it.

The three women met outside the jewellery shop on their way home and decided to make small talk about their purchases at the jewellery store. The first woman showcased the expensive jewellery she bought and said to the other ladies “look! This is the most expensive jewellery in that store and I bought, I am so happy”. The second woman looked at all the valuables she had purchased and thought to herself “if only she knew”. The third woman felt inadequate and ashamed that she had purchased the cheapest of them all and threw away what she had bought on her way home.ll

This is the bigger picture, so many people in search of a significant other fail to look past the price tags to examine the content of the person in question.

Some people make the mistake of not understanding that all that glitters is not gold and sometimes when you don’t know the value of the person you have; you easily get discouraged because you try to meet up to other people’s expectations you then throw away the diamond in your hand. The same way if you appreciate the values of the person you have found. When people say things to make you feel inadequate like you have made a mistake; your response should be “if only they knew”.

My question is which of the women in my story are you?


Comment below on what you learnt in my story.

7 thoughts on “PRICE AND VALUE

  1. Christian-in-rehab says:

    hmmm…and sometimes the cheapest stuff we get may nit be of the best value. What I learnt is don’t let your choice be affected by the monetary cost…

    Liked by 1 person

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