coffee-stock-photoQuick oats, Instant coffee, rapid response squad, fast service delivery are terms that show us that we want it now and fast.

It is extremely difficult to wait for stuff we need. For the Christian,there is nothing more faith-draining and exhausting than understanding  God for things we need that are not forthcoming. One major cause of discontent among Christians is making sense of God’s “delay” to our requests,

When we pray long and hard, wetting our beds with tears, and wondering when God will come through for us; it is tempting to question his goodness. The most confusing point for the believer comes that moment you feel God’s guidance nudging you to do a thing. Then, in an instant everything goes awry. Blank. Nothing goes according to plan and you wonder: how long do I wait to get relief?

Why does God not help me?

Does God really care for…

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