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Baker taking out from the oven baked buckweat bread Baker or the bread?

I’m not a masochist[1] when I say that pain is good.

What I have found, is that pain reveals our core beliefs. It peels us layer by layer, to reveal our core.

A surgery in 2013 left me in the acute pain that broke the outer shell of my faith in Christ. Lying on my back, unable to turn to both sides, and trying so hard to remember the treasure of scriptures that I have memorized over time, made me feel abandoned.

I had prayed, fasted, gave offerings, and yet doctors had spent hours in surgery with me- and I had a God.

The sympathy from family didn’t help me at all but sent me further into the frustrating tunnel of making sense of why I needed to thank God that it wasn’t “worse than this”. At least, everyone agreed “you are still alive”. What…

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