Mehn! Lagos is one hell of a city, with all the hustling and bustling just to collect some coins at the end of the month.

I think what makes Lagos unique is its people, the lifestyle and not to forget the traffic. If you want to sha live long here, it is best to take life easy.

so let me drop this gist here

  • So that was how I was on my way to work this early morning o, as I don’t have car na, I have to make use of the commercial buses (danfo) every now and then.


  • entering danfo is another experience as you meet all kinds of Nigerians


  • that was how I entered one going to Oshodi, and sat beside one fine bobo like that, The bobo sha dressed fine and was smiling at me. I sha smiled being the polite girl that I am


  • another woman also boarded the bus, carrying orishirishi load and three children and was forming shift, aunty shift na

is this one mad?

  • the bus conductor started asking for money, and that was how fine bobo gave the conductor money for the both of us.

unku thank you o

  • the next thing he turned towards me and said “hello fine girl”

wakanda smell is this?

  • he didn’t get the gist and kept on talking to me.


  • I was holding my breathe every 2 minutes, I wanted to faint.
  • 3ed500b69016db0abeb24328fe0cb166.jpg
  • I couldn’t summon the courage to tell him he had serious mouth odour. I decided to endure it.
  • 2ce15b5549b4f2437c15fe7a7a3c94ccthen the conductor called my bus-stop


Question for the day?

How do you tell a stranger he/she has mouth odour?

2 thoughts on “LAGOS WAHALA

  1. Sanchi says:

    honestly, it isn’t my business.
    I probably would be like what’s smelling here……or make a kind of face when the person speaks..I won’t go outrightly and say you have mouth odour, some persons would take it personal.

    honestly……I would just keep shut and ensure the person doesn’t talk to me.

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