Hey guys!

I am happy to have christened my company this year. It was like a dream when I started planning things out. Becoming an entrepreneur was not something I actually foresaw myself getting into, at least not in my early years. I have always loved the 9-5er kinda life (still into it). But here I am, trying to push a legit hustle.

It was so funny how it all panned out, that I decided to tag myself an accidental entrepreneur. It therefore begs the question, how do you become an entrepreneur by accident?

I tell you guys, that story is for another day.

So what is my new found hustle all about? The birth of Ria Tours agency came to redefine tourism; in a whole new dimension.

  • You know how everyone loves to travel but then your wallet doesn’t.


  • After working or studying your ass off all week or month


  • You still can’t seem to afford to enjoy yourself in peace


  • Because apparently it is expensive to enjoy yourself


  • All that is about to change, with a pocket friendly price and date scheduled far ahead of time, everyone can plan that great trip to unwind. You know what’s cool? you don’t come to us, we come to you. No stress from your end, we gat your back


  • Not to forget, it is also a good opportunity to network with new people


  • Who knows? Good good things could eventually spring forth from such interactions *clears throat*


  • So whayasay. Let’s book that trip in July.


Bless up guys and enjoy the weekend!

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