Here in Nigeria, it is almost as if everyone has run out of ideas to places you can take a partner to, apart from the movies or the club(for the party lovers) or his place (to mekwe for national peace).

I tell you, every relationship needs creativity! be spontaneous!!

Don’t just do a routine kinda recycled activity.

create exceptional and fantastic memories. you don’t need to go overboard on things. you can start with little events, like going to a park.

In Lagos, there are some parks that require no access fee, while some charge below #500 or #1k at most.

  • you can bring along a blanket, mat or just any cute native wrapper. make sure you locate a good spot under a tree for good shade.

  • I would say, bring along home-made meals (it will be romantic, tasting out what yall cooked & you can probably tease each other about the food).

  • bring along board games (monopoly, scrabble, chess, ludo etc.)

  • write down a list of questions you want to ask and make sure you answer the questions as well, so as not to make the discussions one-sided.

  • talk about everything.
  • keep your phone away and connect with the person right in front of you.

Get a good feel of the person’s mind, thought process, energy and perspective! its called bonding.

this type of date is also cool for an acquaintance.

P.S: you can also pull it off as a surprise outing or hangout.

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