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Upbeat Centre

Let me just say I stumbled on this really fun place. And for me, it was everything new and cool.

I had not actually experienced anything like it too, but i must say it was worth it!

The fun place I stumbled on is UPBEAT CENTRE. They are quite new and just opened December, 2017.

It is located at No. 11 Admiralty Rd, off Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1.

Upbeat centre is actually West Africa’s no. 1 trampoline centre.

They also have outdoor activities, a basket ball and foot ball pitch

They have good food vendors and a coffee shop, it is actually a wonderful place for people to unwind and have fun workout sessions.

Trampoline workouts are cool because you have fun while getting fit.

The centre is also very involved in making sure people use the trampoline safely.

_they have guides monitoring everyone

_they have videos showing how to use the trampoline safely

_they are sign posts everywhere providing safety infos

So here are things you should know before you visit the centre.

1. The access fee is charged per hour. It cost #2500 per hour for weekdays and #3000 per hour on weekends for jump sessions.

2. Food is not allowed into the centre, so you have to patronise the food vendors

3. You need jump socks to use the trampoline. They sell at the centre for #500 a pair.

4. You will need to sign a waiver before gaining access to use the trampoline.

5. To use the football/basketball pitch you have to book ahead as well as their halls too.

6. Their IG handle is : @upbeatcentre you can call for more enquiries, directions etc. Their phone number goes through and the person at the end of the line is more than eager to help

So I had a fantastic experience overall.

I will grade their services 10/10

If you are interested in group/exclusive tours, excursion packages, corporate bonding to the centre.

You can contact

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