Touring the city of Lagos, Nigeria. One of the many hotspots you have to visit is the Lekki Conservation Centre! (LCC)

The centre is an NGO managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. It was established in 1992.

It is a 78 hectare swampy forest area embedded in the heart of Lagos, it is also referred to as an “urban jungle” because of it’s location in one of the busiest cities in Nigeria.

It is home to endemic flora and fauna, the centre serves both educational and recreational purposes.

The centre is popularly known for it’s abundance of Mona monkeys.

Visitors/tourists access the centre using a wooden board walk that stretches over 1.8km

Asides viewing of the fauna which is sometimes difficult because of the intensity of the noise from across the centre (car horns, noise from people etc.)

Other side attractions include the famous “Longest canopy walkway in Africa” which is 401m long. It provides the visitor an aerial view of the forest cover.

The highest point on the canopy walkway is the 3rd tower, which is about 22.5m of sea level.

Then there is the amazing tree house.

The tree where the tree house was constructed is one of the oldest and biggest primary trees in the reserve. It is called the African Locust bean tree.

It is a fun activity to do, to exercise your thigh muscles and help your cardio.

Finally, there is the family park. The family park is like a picnic area where you can sit down with your meals and have a good time after the excessive trek through the reserve.

There are also a few life size floor games, one can play with. They have the chess, checkers, snake and ladder, ludo etc

The major highlight for me was the canopy walkway, it was exhilarating!

Things you should know before visiting the park.

Access fee: For Adults #1000, students #300, children #200 Canopy walkway #1000 (flat rate)

During festive periods: For Adults #1500 students and children #500, Canopy walkway #1500 (flat rate)

There is a waiting time of 30minutes after payment.

Tours are taken in groups lead by a designated tour guide provided by the centre.

The whole tour takes about 50 minutes of walking depending on your pace.

There is an age restriction on the canopy walkway only ages (10-65) are allowed.

It is a reserve not a zoo, the animals are not caged!

You are allowed to bring your food and drinks to the centre. They also have a canteen too.


-do not litter

– do not poke the animals, steal, hit or try to sit/stand on them

-do not feed the animals

-do not smoke

And finally do not lean on the wooden rails

I honestly hope this has been helpful.

If you want a group/exclusive tour to the centre you can contact us at riatours4u@gmail.com