5 Most Romantic Valentine Ideas

Talking about a helpless romantic, that is exactly who I am. Love is in the air, Valentine's day is upon us!!! Everyone is probably thinking about how they are going to spend it. What kind of gifts will they give out? and what special thing will they receive? Where will they go? and so on. … Continue reading 5 Most Romantic Valentine Ideas


Getting your heart broken is inevitable, it happens to even the very best of us. Regardless of the degree or extent, you need to dust yourself up and move on. I don't consider myself to be overly religious so I won't tell you to listen to 'excess love' by Mercy Chinwo on repeat and then … Continue reading 10 TIPS ON GETTING OVER A HEARTBREAK.


We all love soccer. I love soccer. Be it virtual or in real time, I love participating or cheering on the lines. Back in university, everyone was always happy about the H.O.D's and Dean's cup tournament. Er..not everyone actually, some no-joy students didn't care less. Students from year one to final year usually kick-off trainings … Continue reading IT GOES DARK