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The Countryside

Lagos city is where we all want to be, doing what we all love to do.

However, when the holidays come along, we all cherish it as a time to break away from all the traffic, fumes and deafening noises in the city.

Some people may decide to spend their holiday abroad, others indoors and then we have the Igbos who almost always travel to their home towns.

Visiting your home town as a city dweller is as important as identifying to be Igbo in the first place.

So last christmas, I joined the train of people who spend the holidays in the countryside.

My hometown is in Okwelle, Onuimo Local Government Area in Imo State.

Okwelle is one of the four towns that make up Onuimo Local government, and it is made up of eight villages. Namely: Alaike, OJiama, Ojiowere, Umoko, Umuagwo, Umuduruebo, Umuduruodu and Umuoma.

In my place if any of your parents or ancestors are from any of the villages, you automatically share blood ties with them and you refer to them as your brothers and sisters. And therefore, you can’t marry from that village. *I learnt about that during the holidays*

So for instance my dad is from umuduruodu and my mom is from Ojiama and grandmother is from ojiowere. So I have ties with this three villages which means the people who are from there are my blood relations.

Therefore, as an Igbo child, when you meet another Igbo child in the city or anywhere for that matter, the next question you ask after their name is their village.

I really enjoyed my time at home learning about culture, family, state politics etc.

Plus, it was also a perfect time to reconnect with people who make up my family tree. I got to meet first cousins, second cousins, paternal and maternal uncles and aunts.

I also got hold of the latest village gossips, got invitations to upcoming weddings of my mother’s cousin first son’s last daughter and other distant relations.

The highlight of my experience was getting to hear stories of people who had died strangely, families who are assumed to be cursed, people whose entire family have been wiped out and no longer in the family tree and so on.

As you know, holidays and good food go hand in hand. There was so much food to eat and almost nothing to do, I added a whopping amount of weight during the holidays.

It was so worth it!

I almost forgot, there was also the village football tournament which holds every year.

All the villages battle for the grand prize money.

The competition kicked off on the 26th of December, we didn’t stay long enough to watch the whole tournament tho and participate in the carnival. But we had an amazing time cheering the boys from our village during their match.

Tell me in the comment section about any thing you find interesting about your home town. I am very much interested.

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