I enjoy reading good books. Sadly I didn’t do much of that last year. So this year, I added it to my “new year’s resolutions” list.
So far, I have read just two books and I am here to give my two cents about them.

1. BLOOD WORK by Michael Connelly

‘Blood Work’ is a progressive and compelling story.
It starts off with an FBI top officer (Terry McCaleb), who has a forced early retirement due to a bad heart. He gets pretty lucky and gets a new heart, he decides to live a new life on his boat in Los Angeles harbour nurturing his second chance at life.

Everything seems to be going fine until a woman (Graciela Rivers) begs him to investigate her sister’s death. Which he blantantly refuses, and then she tells him the one thing that changed it all.

The new heart beating in his chest had belonged to her Sister.

This information gets him drawn, as he becomes entwined in a case that was already cold with no leads.

And just like dominoes, the pieces start to fall into place.

What had looked like a random armed robbery incident in which her sister had been gunned down in cold blood, begins to take new form and leads us to a cold-blooded serial killer on the loose.

Terry McCaleb tries to connect the deaths and figure out what links them….because there is always a link, a pattern….and there he finds it. It’s their BLOOD WORK!

This is a wonderful read as far I am concerned. It’s really a page turner honestly.

2. DECEPTION POINT (e-book) By Dan Brown

Deception point centers around a woman (Rachel Sexton) who works for the NRO (National Reconnaissance Office), who is also the daughter of a Senator (Sedgewick Sexton) vying for the presidential seat.

The story picks up pace when the President of the United States of America (Zach Herney) sends her to examine a meteorite discovered by NASA (National Aeronautics and space Administration). A mission if played out right will seal his seat for a second term against her father.

The assignment becomes a difficult one as she finds out she is just a pawn in the game of dirty politics.

Events starts to unfold as she uncovers a terrible conspiracy, capable of shaking the U.S Government and crippling NASA.

One thing I love about Dan Brown’s books is the well detailed exploration of his plots. I felt like I had been in the White House, and also interned at NASA.

Great book!

I will be doing book reviews from time to time. Feel free to send interesting book titles my way.

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