So about a year ago, I did a post on the Kinds of men you should dump. I got so many responses and comments, I was also asked to do a sequel for the kinds of women to be dumped. I never got around doing one then but here it is now.

Before I go further, I just want to say I am not encouraging anyone to end their relationship based on what I have written. Every relationship is repairable if the parties involved are dedicated to making things work, no one is perfect.

But sometimes you should realise when you have lost the battle and learn to move on with your sanity intact.

So here it goes


She is eager to please her partner but has a lot insecurities plaguing her. In reality, some shitty men love to deal with this kind of women because they are easy to manipulate and break. But if you are a decent man and you find yourself a woman like this, I think you need to let her go. She needs to work on her self esteem and discover her inner self. You are not in a place to do that for her.


The problem with this kind of women is that they almost never voice out their opinions. Whenever they open their mouth, you hear someone else’s opinion not hers. She always states her opinions with “they said…..” ” My friend said….” Somebody is always saying something. You are going to be in for a tough one if you decide to stick with her. So I advise you let her go.


You like the vibes she gives you, but her stories of who she spent the night with doesn’t add up. Except if you are in for an open relationship, if not, you need to dump her asap. You don’t need to be second guessing yourself every now and then.


You just met her three weeks ago, she is already taking couple pictures and posting all over her social media platforms. She is doing the cooking, cleaning and hand washing your clothes. Whatever you say, she agrees with you immediately.

This kind may be very dangerous. A woman who is desperate to settle down may go to any length to make sure she gets what she want. And when she gets it…. viola! She reveals her true self.

To avoid stories that touch don’t entertain desperate women. It doesn’t end well.


Trust me you don’t want to be in a relationship with a very angry and vengeful person. It doesn’t matter how many times she hurt your feelings, she would punish you so badly if you did something to her that even as much as hurt a little. She makes herself Judge, Jury and executioner. Dump her!


You should get the red flags already when you see she is always fighting with everybody in her life.

Drama with her family, drama with her exes, drama with her bestfriends, drama with her church members and colleagues at work.

The major problem with this type, they don’t even realize how toxic they are. They will never accept responsibility for anything it is always the other person’s fault. You better dump her!


These ones are pretenders and serial liars. They are very difficult to spot especially if they have mastered the art of deception. They can practically live two, three sometimes even five lives. The person you know in the church/mosque is a completely different person at work and a completely different person at home and also a completely different person with you. You really don’t want to go down this road.

Dump her once you uncover she is an undercover agent. She deserves to work for the Government not play with your heart.


According to the Bible “the leech has two daughters and their names are give me! Give me!. Proverbs 30:15

They are also known as gold diggers. They are very greedy and never satisfied. They want to take and take and take until there is nothing left to take. Don’t think twice about this kind, Dump her!

Feel free to add any one I missed out in the comment section.

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