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5 Most Romantic Valentine Ideas

Talking about a helpless romantic, that is exactly who I am.

Love is in the air, Valentine’s day is upon us!!! Everyone is probably thinking about how they are going to spend it. What kind of gifts will they give out? and what special thing will they receive? Where will they go? and so on.

There are so many great ideas one can think of, but I have compiled just my top five.


Repeat after me, we are not buying singlet, boxers and cheap chocolate this year.

We are taking it up a notch this time. Thoughtful gifts don’t have to be expensive. It just needs to come from a place of good effort, great detail and relevance.

So put your brain to work and think of a need that your partner has and a gift that will be the solution.

You can also get a gift that potrays deep affection and bonding like matching accoutrements.

Giving good gifts never go out of fashion.


This is Nigeria, there are so many nice, affordable restaurants you can take your partner for a great dinner.

You can send a cab or ask a friend to be a chaffeur to pick him/her up at work or at home and drive them straight to the restaurant.

A candle light homemade dinner is also romantic, with little decorations or petals round the table. You can be creative with the food, using it to make a heart or writing “I love you”


I love this one. In Lagos especially, there are very cool, affordable private beaches you can use for this set up. Or you can use a nice hotel, with beautiful scenery and a great pool.


Whether you are a music lover or not, there is something just romantic about doing a live performance of your best songs for the love of your life.

You can compile a playlist of songs that tells your emotions, and do this indoor. Use your tv as the projector, and the remote as the microphone.

It’s also important you look all dressed up like the badass celebrity that you are….this adds a lot of special effects.

If you can’t take bae to Coachella, you bring the whole damn Coachella to bae.


I know you are wondering what this is doing here. But honestly I think if your partner is religious, and they invite you for a religious programme, it kind of says a lot about how they want you to share in their love and devotion for their God.

So this is infact a great suggestion, you can take your partner to that religious programme you are really passionate about.

Like they say “couples who pray together, stay together”

Going out of your way for your partner, isn’t exclusive to valentine’s day, birthdays and anniversaries.

Romantic gestures should not be dished out like a prescription. You know, two times a month kinda thing.

It should be like oxygen, you shouldn’t do without it.

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