Let’s take a ride down ‘memory lane’. Thirteen years ago, I was about 10 years old in a boarding school.

School had just resumed and as usual our lockers were stuffed with goodies for the session pending till whenever we would have the next visiting day.

One of my good friends and class mate approached me just about few weeks after resumption. She wanted us to start “doing things together”.

Now “doing things together” meant we were to join our resources. Like combine our provisions together, read together, do laundry and so on.

I felt it was cool, since doing things together was already a kind of trend in school. So I agreed without much thought. Then she says “Okay, but we have to start eating your provisions first”. I hesitated, but then agreed to it.

So we started “doing things together” which was more of eating my goodies in my locker than anything.

After some days, we had both emptied my locker. In the days that followed she started to pick series of fights with me.

I tried to reconcile with her, because I was tired of the malice but most importantly I wanted to eat her cereal since mine was finished.

Unfortunately, she was done with me and our arrangement. I pleaded it was only fair we split her own goodies too so I can go my way. She blantantly refused and engaged me in a physical fight.

I lost the fight and left her room panting with a very hungry stomach, I was so sad about the turn of events.

I was ten years old but I learnt something. I learnt how to listen to my hesitations.

Sometimes that hesitation, that little pause may just mean you should take a deep breath and have a rethink about that decision.

It has been a little over a decade, and we are now friends on Facebook. 😏

Whatever you do, don’t trivialize your hesitations.

Happy New Month to you πŸ’™

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