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It’s Market Day!

On Wednesdays in Wawa no one cares about woman crushes, because it’s market day!

Wawa is a moderately populated village, located in Borgu local government area in Niger state.

There are no banks and the people send and withdraw money through retail outlets. Or go all the way to town if the man who runs the outlet decides to take a holiday.

They are predominantly Muslims and the native language is Borgu. The village is also inhabited by other tribes like the Nupes, Hausas, Fulanis, Yorubas and Igbos. The indigenes are quite warm and hospitable to people from other tribes.

There is only one central mosque and it is quite close to the Emir’s palace. The Emir (Dodo) is the traditional ruler of Wawa.

The people are predominantly farmers. During market days farm produce such as yams, vegetables, fruits, spices, millet, guinea corn and so on are displayed by the roadside for potential customers.

Other wares like plastics, mats, dishwares are also not left out.

I was too tired to venture far into the market today. I decided to buy some yams nearby and snag some pictures in the process.

There was so much to capture but the sun wasn’t friendly. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of market days in Wawa?

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