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I have been living here in Wawa for a few months and I decided to explore Kigera camp also known as Oli camp.

Oli camp is the main section of the Kainji lake national park where wildlife and Flora is preserved and conserved. It is inhabited by many large mammals such as baboons, duikers and of course the roan antelope which is the symbol of the park.

Last weekend, my room mate and I packed a few things (food and water inclusive) and we left for Oli camp. We really didn’t know what to expect but we were excited to just venture into areas we had never been to.

We summoned our bike man whom we had already made preparations with, to take us. And just like that we zoomed off.

We got to the camp gate in about twenty five minutes or there about.

The place was deserted when we got there. I was expecting so much to be going on and stuff.

We met with the security men who explained to us that the distance from the entrance gate to the main camp was about 45km. Apparently, we still had a long journey ahead of us, and we definitely couldn’t make it on a half-filled tank.

Even though we were disappointed at the way things turned out, we were determined not to let it get to us. So instead, we took some happy pictures at the entrance.

Peep what a roan antelope looks like

We sighted some baboons too.

Finally, we made sure to thank the security men and zoomed off back home.

Looking forward to my next adventure. 🤞

Have a great week ahead!

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