There are so many words used synonymously to mean “SEX” in Nigeria.

Let me mention just a few:

  1. Knack
  2. Kpansh
  3. Mekwe
  4. Kolobi
  5. Shelling
  6. Lashing
  7. Yokopio
  8. Polash
  9. Kerewa
  10. Straff

*Don’t ask me how I know all these terms please🙄*

So back to the kerewa issue, many people are really experimenting on a whole new level. It is almost as if there is no limit.

The internet is raving with people coming out with new fetishes every day, like it’s Christmas. From anal pleasure to fisting, three/four/five/community-some, coprophilia, double-dicking, BDSM etc.

But the one that actually blew my mind completely is “balls in”.

So let me explain this, “balls in” is when a man inserts his penis and balls into a vagina during sexual intercourse.

I heard about this one, and for two good hours, I was staring into space pondering about how that even works.

What is wrong with us!? How do we even come up with these things!?

I really think it’s about time someone switches off the sex board of the universe. So that we can have a discussion on what needs to be entirely scrapped out forever.

Experimenting could spice things up, no doubt. But the question is, where do we draw the line?

Because very soon, people will start inserting penises into ears and literally start smashing brains.

Or am I just overreacting?

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