Open Letter to my niblings (Honour, Josh, Hallow & Ulo)

There is no doubt that I have a special bond with you.

I have watched you suckle, cry with your tiny voices, laugh so hard exposing just your pink gum with no teeth in view.

I have watched you struggle with infant ailments, how your mothers worried over you and nursed you back to health.

I have watched you since you started cooing, to speaking baby language to you now challenging and correcting my spoken English.

I have watched you stumble trying to walk, and fall trying to get something out of your reach to you now being able to race me and have me gasping for breath.

I have watched you a great deal and I will forever keep watching you.

You have been a blessing to your family and I can’t wait for you to get to your teen years so you can own your first smartphone and check this post.

The birth of you all and watching you grow has changed me. You gave birth to maternal instincts in me, you made me a proud Aunt, which also meant I needed to be more responsible. Watching you grow has been a wonderful unending experience.

As you grow, you will meet barriers and hurdles, its a given. It’s part of this thing we call life, but don’t be discouraged. The future may seem bleak and not promising, but don’t feel dejected. It’s all a phase, I promise you.

My little dearies, I need you to know that you possess a great strength within you, you are capable of so much, you are loved beyond what you can imagine and you were born to win. Never settle for less, spread your wings and fly so high.

Don’t bother trying to attain perfection, because you will never get it. But you can try to be the best version of you. Always listen more and talk less.*even though your Aunt does the opposite*

When it comes to relationships because trust me, a time will come when you will be old enough to start dating/courting. I need you to understand you are all beautiful and smart, therefore, you will attract a lot of people. What matters is not the kind of people you attract but the ones you choose.

It’s important you look past the surface of people and get to their core, you may make mistakes, it’s perfectly okay, I also messed up a few times. Love is never words, it’s always actions. Don’t play with people’s feelings, be intentional about everything you do. Most importantly, marry for love my sweethearts.

When it comes to career and money, your Aunt has no idea what to say, I am still struggling in this area. I just want you to know that the pressure is real, and I am under it right now. I have so many big ideas but it looks like I don’t have any time left. *I am not dying or anything*

Never try to make “easy money” and make sure you stay away from vices. There is still dignity in good labour, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Don’t try to fast track the process, enjoy it. Some things just take time.

I want to talk about faith, but I am not that religious. Your parents are people of very strong faith and convictions. Listen to them, they know what they are talking about. In this dark, very hopeless and wicked world, you will need a light, you will need spiritual comfort, you will need an undying hope and these three things are found in faith.

I am rooting for every one of you, I will forever keep cheering on the lines for you.

I love you so much.💓

So much love,

From your favourite Aunt.

Signed with love, cornflakes & pj masks.

PS: Whatever you tell aunty, you have attorney-client privilege. 😉

PSS: I am actually an Aunt to seven cuties. Their letters are on the way.

10 thoughts on “Open Letter to my niblings (Honour, Josh, Hallow & Ulo)

  1. Theo says:

    I could see your heart prints all over this point.
    It reminds me of Tai Solarin’s essay/poem …”May Your Road be Rough”
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.


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