🔆Altitude Training🔆

Altitude training is actually a “thing” that endurance athletes do, they train at high altitudes where the oxygen is super thin. They could do this for several weeks, the higher they go, the thinner the oxygen gets and the more their body works hard to get it.

Now what is the science behind it?

Depending on the protocols used, the body may acclimate to the relative lack of oxygen and generate more red blood cells and haemoglobin. When the athlete returns to a lower altitude to compete they would have a greater advantage.

They are likely to run with the wind and not fall short of breath or experience great fatigue. Altitude training is extremely difficult but it comes with cool super powers at the end of the day.

Today’s challenge is talking about something that has stretched you beyond your limits and has made you a better athlete or given you any cool superpowers.

For me, I think my altitude training happened sometime in my 300 level, during my internship with a reputable organisation. I was very uncertain and worried, it was my first experience working in an office setting. I remember I cried the first day at work.

I was drilled with so many questions, and some hard truths were said to me by my supervisor. I rushed to the bathroom and cried my eyes out, I sobbed like a baby.

I felt it was unfair to be given such herculean projects as an intern, I was just here to learn not to do all these work, or so I thought. I complained and struggled with the job, but I was able to accomplish everything.

I wrote my first project work on mona monkeys, and it was accepted into the library. After the internship, I returned back to school, but something changed in my mind. I had become more articulate, more focused and organized.

By final year, we were given project topics and while others complained, it looked quite easy to do. I was the first to finish my work, stamped, sealed and delivered.

The beautiful thing about altitude training is that athletes can go back to train some more, grow some more and expand their capacity some more.

I think it’s about time, I go back.


2 thoughts on “🔆Altitude Training🔆

  1. peace says:

    This is really good 👌,some of us at one point in time in our lives,have faced situations that seemed to stretch us beyond our limits, but we taught ourselves to adjust and become better. Nice post dear.

    Liked by 1 person

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