🔆A Story of Ease🔆

This prompt is a bit tasking. A story of ease is about personal transition, individual growth and freedom.

To tell the story of ease, I have to go back to the beginning. In my younger years, I had lots of doubt and weariness. It was like I was just on this journey without any conscious control of where I was going.

I didn’t know what I wanted out of life, I was okay with whatever direction the wind blew. There were too many voices in my head talking and directing, and I couldn’t hear mine.

I wasn’t sure why I was studying the course I was offered in school, or why I was dating my ex. It was just a lot. And sometimes or rather many times, I would zone out and watch myself out of myself.

My grades were not doing so well and so was my peace of mind. I was stressed out but couldn’t point out what was causing the heaviness.

I stayed awake one cold night and had a mental review. And I told myself I may not like where I was but it was folly to keep sulking. I literally screamed at myself to get the fuck up and put my shit together.

My story of ease is a story of replacing my doubts with the courage to believe in myself.

My story of ease is a story of taking back the reins of my life and steering it back on course.

My story of ease is a story of understanding not to keep whining about my problems but to fix it.

I have learnt so much about myself, my truth and capacity.

My story of ease is Me.🌼

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