🔆Spiritual VIP Parking Pass🔆

In Tara’s words:

“It is not something you earn because you’re good, and there’s nothing you can ever do to lose it, not even if you’ve done something terrible or made poor decisions in the past.

But this VIP Life Pass, aka pronoia and our Divine Inheritance, is something we can stop ourselves from taking advantage of.

We can and often do pinch ourselves off from receiving the ideas, opportunities and even love we have coming to us, by telling ourselves stories of struggle, scarcity, grievance and unworthiness.

If you’re fortunate enough to be reading this and you don’t feel like you have a VIP Pass, perhaps you just forgot to pick it up at the desk or someone told you, as a kid, that you didn’t qualify for a life in which everything works out for you with ease unless you accomplished certain things or behaved in certain ways, or looked a certain way or made a certain amount of money.

This is a toxic lie, that you are anything but completely and totally deserving of wellbeing, abundance, love and success, exactly as you are right now.”

This is a long speech for what I think Christians refer to as “Grace” which means unmerited favour from the Almighty. As a struggling Christian on a peculiar journey, I have heard a lot about the “Spiritual VIP parking pass”.

Today’s prompt is writing about what you would call in or get access to, if you had a spiritual VIP pass.

The more I think about today’s prompt, the more it is becoming very clear to me that I actually do have a whole life spiritual pass. Reflecting on my journey, I believe the universe has been intentional about me and the things I do.

The Almighty already gave me access to everything I ever needed and more. And I am grateful for every damn thing.

So over to you, if you had a whole life spiritual pass, what would you call in?

Have a great weekend!🌺

P.S: Tara-Nicholle Nelson is the anchor of the 10DWC.

P.S.S: I don’t really know if I interpreted this prompt properly.

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