Writing challenge

🔆Consciousness Crumbs🔆

Just like how we make sure to clean up the bread or cake crumbs on the floor immediately to avoid ants and what not on our floors and surfaces.

Conscious crumbs are those little broken up pieces of you that you need to vacuum or clean up, to avoid unwanted elements that just goes on to cause more havoc and leave everything in a messier state.

These crumbs could be brought about by:

  • A grudge or grievance
  • An emotion
  • A fear
  • A not so good experience
  • Anxiety or worry
  • A thought habit or pattern
  • A way of being
  • Something someone said to you
  • Some experience in which you felt misunderstood
  • Something you said to someone else
  • Something you’re ruminating on
  • A micro-obsession that doesn’t feel good.

Conscious crumbs if not identified and gotten rid of, could attract a lot of frustration, sadness, depression, extreme guilt, bad company and the list goes on.

And one way to get rid of these crumbs could be to write it all out and feel the emotions drain out of the subject in question. Then if possible, leave the drama on the pages.

So today’s prompt is about writing something that came to your consciousness which you would like to get rid of with a DustBuster.

I think for me it’s an emotion, I have been feeling very exhausted and also sad. I think my service year doesn’t want to come to an end.

When my friends who were in the previous batch ended theirs, I felt sad and wished I was in their batch.

And I think this feeling has in fact affected my work, I am not so vibrant and active as I used to be.

Procrastination is now the new trend for me. I just stare out the windows and watch as my work piles up. I am not feeling motivated, it’s like all my energy is draining away.

I really want to go back home to my family and boyfriend and just stay there.😭

I don’t think writing this here is actually helping anything. I am still feeling sad and I am not feeling any emotions draining away.😪

But I hope this method works for you. In case you have any conscious crumbs, you could try getting rid of it by writing it all out.

Let’s all enjoy what’s left of the weekend.😣

🌼Happy Sunday Everyone!🌼

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