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🔆Your Inner Guidance System🔆

Another word for this is ‘intuition’. I think everyone has this. Some people trust theirs while others don’t.

Tapping into your Inner Guidance System is very essential. It will save you a tremendous ton of disappointments and guide you to make the right choices. *at least 101% of the time*

To reach and harness your guidance system, you need to have a relationship with yourself. You need to listen to your inner voice, understand your feelings and trust them. Don’t discard how you feel about a thing or situation.

Sometimes an opportunity or suggestion could come up that may look good on the surface but for some weird reason, you aren’t just happy about it.

Or perhaps you just met someone that appears all great and interested in you, but deep down you just feel something isn’t right.

Or maybe you come across a not-so-fantastic offer but for reasons you can’t explain, you really have a good feeling about it.

Listen to your feelings, hear them out.

If you feel you are not loved, it means exactly that. Avoid giving excuses, or convincing yourself otherwise, don’t lie to yourself, stop suppressing your inner voice.

Trust me, it is a hard process working with your intuition. The conflict of your heart and mind will leave you so frustrated and breathless but as you keep on trusting yourself and choosing to make those hard decisions your intuition is urging you to make, it gets easier.

Someone once said “You know you have made the right decision when your mind and heart is aligned, you will feel this peace wash over you.”

So today’s prompt is to share an example of a time you followed or didn’t follow your inner guidance system, and what you learnt?

Okay, so let me share this.

I once met a guy, who was cool and stuff. The first time we went on a date, my mind screamed a deafening capitalised NO!!! But I was like “shuush come on! He hasn’t even done anything bad.” I was eager to know him and kind of prove my mind or rather myself wrong. I continued going on dates but the rejection from my mind wasn’t getting any less.

I was bothered about it because I wanted to be intimate with him but the conflict was so much and I wasn’t happy with myself. Then one day, he picked me up to go out for lunch. He said he wanted to pick up something at a mart and left me in the car.

I am not one to go through people’s stuffs but I couldn’t help it. He left his phone in the car, and it had a pattern lock, so I put his phone across the light to view the traces and I unlocked it. I have never read so much in less than three minutes in my life. I also went through his car, papers and stuffs and my jaw kept dropping and dropping.

He was a complete fraud, he didn’t even tell me his real name.

I don’t know about you, but my intuition has saved me from a lot of mess.

Feel free to share about a time you trusted or didn’t trust your inner guidance system. What did you learn?

I will be happy to hear from you.🌼

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