Writing challenge


It’s the final day of the challenge! I am really excited about completing this challenge. Tara did a superb job at delivering thought-provoking prompts each day.

The 10-day challenge has really helped clear and rejuvenate my mind. It was really what it was, a challenge. I had to reach into the nooks and crannies of my mind each day to weave up and pen down my words, thoughts and chronicles.

I also want to appreciate you for keeping up with each challenge. Thank you so much for reading, liking and commenting. I love every single one of my dearest readers.💕

So let’s go back to the last and final prompt today. I bring you another terminology ‘decathexis’.

Decathexis simply means withdrawing your energy or attachments from certain things.

In life it is essential to reevaluate and tick off things that are less important. It shouldn’t stop there; it is also important we stop investing in those things, which may include certain endeavours, habits, relationships or what have you. This will help expand and recoup your resources which you could then channel to things that matter.

Understanding decathexis helps you realize that sometimes you are in that circular motion, not moving forward or backward because you are channeling resources to things that are not important.

It is difficult to grow and expand in a new relationship or project when you are still putting a lot of energy in that failed, broken and hopeless script.

Today’s prompt is about writing on what you are willing to stop doing in order to get back fresh energy or soul or resources to sow into the things, relationships and people that matter the most to you now?

So one thing I want to detach myself from, is engaging in meaningless arguments. It drains me of mental energy and I need to put a stop to it. Instead, I need to invest my energy on my writing and research.

Another thing I want to withdraw a lot of energy from, is doing so many things at a time. I get stressed out and end up not delivering my best and having so many unfinished work. So instead, I hope to channel my energy into completing my personal projects, one at a time.

Going forward, I am going to spend my energy and resources developing and improving me, my relationship with loved ones, work and of course my blog.

By the way, I had a great day today, I hope you did too!🌻

Thank you so much Tara-Nicholle for the ten day challenge. It was just what I needed.🤗

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