Me & Religion🌻

In Nigeria, religion is mainly categorised into three; Christianity, Islam and traditional worshippers. However, on forms and applications it's just two categories, Christianity or Islam. Hence, traditional worshippers have to pick their second best religion to fit in. Personally, religion(christainity) is a unique journey that I am very much discovering and learning. I understand the … Continue reading Me & Religion🌻

🔆Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work🔆

I know...I know..I know that long distance relationships are hard. I have never wanted to be in one, but it was inevitable for us. So I am currently in a long distance relationship right now, we didn't start off like that, by the way. We have always been in the same city until the call … Continue reading 🔆Making Your Long Distance Relationship Work🔆


There are so many words used synonymously to mean "SEX" in Nigeria. Let me mention just a few: Knack Kpansh Mekwe Kolobi Shelling Lashing Yokopio Polash Kerewa Straff *Don't ask me how I know all these terms please🙄* So back to the kerewa issue, many people are really experimenting on a whole new level. It … Continue reading Kerewa