Good to be back🌼

My Easter holiday lasted about a month, I was so eager to spend time with loved ones, so I finished what I had to do in Niger state in order to head to Lagos. I had an amazing time I must say. Highlights of my holiday 1. A fun outing with my niblings💛 2. I … Continue reading Good to be back🌼

Twitter Stories 3

It's a sunny day and I am having mixed feelings. Sundays are fun days but they also mark the end of the weekend, which makes me less excited. So let's get on with the gist of the day. Here's what I found on Twitter. I consider this the most horrible clout chasing ad I have … Continue reading Twitter Stories 3


It was a cold friday or Saturday morning I can't really remember now, but I had just finished doing my laundry and had nothing to do in the hostel. The great awaited final year was here, what was I to do with myself after school I thought. I decided to call my sister to justbug … Continue reading Explore