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Good to be back­čî╝

My Easter holiday lasted about a month, I was so eager to spend time with loved ones, so I finished what I had to do in Niger state in order to head to Lagos. I had an amazing time I must say. Highlights of my holiday 1. A fun outing with my niblings­čĺŤ 2. I… Continue reading Good to be back­čî╝

twitter stories

Twitter Stories 3

It's a sunny day and I am having mixed feelings. Sundays are fun days but they also mark the end of the weekend, which makes me less excited. So let's get on with the gist of the day. Here's what I found on Twitter. I consider this the most horrible clout chasing ad I have… Continue reading Twitter Stories 3


More Than Expected­čî╝

The holidays have been awesome, spending time with loved ones is one thing I can't get enough of. Although, I have been a little stressed out with baby-sitting my niblings, its nothing compared to the joy I feel in my heart just being around them. So, something interesting happened today. My brother-in-law told the kids… Continue reading More Than Expected­čî╝


My Previous Life

I have written something about my tribe in one of my previous posts. You can check it out here >>>>The country side Okay let's come back, I am an Igbo girl, born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. According to Igbo mythology, it is believed that people reincarnate. The evidences of this, usually includes birthmarks, a… Continue reading My Previous Life


The Entrepreneur Life

Everyone is fast becoming a CEO/business owner these days. I look to my right and left and everyone seems to be venturing into one business or the other. It's really a good thing, I must say. Available jobs are now inversely proportional to the population of qualified hands, therefore, one has to be creative with… Continue reading The Entrepreneur Life

twitter stories

Twitter Stories 2

My day has been great so far, and yeah, I stumbled on something interesting on twitter.I personally don't like getting involved with topics that cut across religious lines. I just prefer to read and scroll through comments and discussions.So I picked up a conversation when the news popped up on Twitter NG about a 15-year-old… Continue reading Twitter Stories 2