The Journey so far


The first quarter of the year has rolled by, and it has come with a lot of refreshing experiences.

2019 has been a quite a journey so far. And today, I feel the urge to write about what inspires me.

My inspiration comes from a multitude of things, some I don’t even realize how much, and others I intentionally draw from.

I am majorly inspired by books and people’s life experiences. I love to immerse myself in other people’s writings and journeys. Let’s just say I don’t like minding my business.

I take interest in all varieties of individuals and writings; from the rich and famous to Aunty Lati that tweets from Ikorodu and from successful published authors to a random unpopular opinion by my neighbor.

Whenever someone speaks or I come across a book, I usually take mental notes and sieve useful data.

There is just something about stories that gets me, whether good or bad. I think it opens my mind to a lot of personal questions and opinions that most times I know no one is really interested in but who cares?💁

Anyways, I am very much excited about the next quarter and all the good tidings I am sure it’s going to bring. I can’t wait to round off my service year and move on to the next phase in my life.

Make sure you achieve all there is to achieve this month. Keep grinding and never underestimate yourself.

I wish you the very best of everything April has to offer.

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