Coffee Beans

These beautiful seeds are carefully picked from the fields and packaged into bags. They may look crooked here and there but they still look awesome, don’t they?

In a way, I think we are all like coffee beans. I mean the creator picked us nicely from fields and packaged us. With the nice colour, slight flaw here and there and viola! here we are looking our best.

The awesome thing about coffee beans is that, the finest state comes after it has been crushed into powder and brewed.

It’s strength and beauty can then be savoured. No one chews the beans but everyone loves a hot coffee.

And just like coffee, we arent meant to remain as beans, looking bland and crooked. Our beauty and strength is revealed after we have been crushed by the waves of life and brewed into our essence.

Life may seem so hard right now like everything is falling apart, don’t panic, you are in the crushing phase. Don’t lose the fight, it’s all to prepare you for brewing time.

Trust me, at the end of the process you will come out strong, beautiful and delicious just like hot coffee!

P.S: coffee images were gotten from Pinterest.

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