It was a cold friday or Saturday morning I can’t really remember now, but I had just finished doing my laundry and had nothing to do in the hostel. The great awaited final year was here, what was I to do with myself after school I thought.

I decided to call my sister to justbug her about my thoughts and stuff. Bugging each other with our thoughts was a routine I and my sisters had become accustomed to. So it was one of those days.

I dialled her number and I heard her voice over the phone, I knew her day had been stressful but I decided to ask about it anyway.

“I really don’t know what I want to do after school” I said after all the pleasantries. I heard her clear her throat and I knew she had a lot to say.

The first thing she says to me is “You are young, you don’t have to have anything fixed, it’s good to plan but don’t pressure yourself, rather go out there and explore and don’t restrict yourself. Travel if you can, get a masters if you want, find what makes you happy, your 20’s is for you to explore”

And like someone said:

In the end we were made to explore, that’s why we have feet instead of roots.

Go out there, explore and don’t restrict yourself.

P.S: Pictures were gotten from Pinterest.

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