Support Systems

We were at home, when the news came in, that the lists of successful candidates had been pasted on the notice board of the school. I had written the entrance exam to get into Queens College some weeks prior.

My mum had immediately called my sister to go and check if my name was there. She handed her some money for transport and my sister rushed out. The house was tensed, as we all waited, and waited.

After an hour or so, my sister got back. I think she had called my mom already, I wasn’t sure. But I heard her say she had checked the list front to back, side to side and my name wasn’t on any of the lists.

I felt down, I knew I had done my best in the exams. I just sat there trying to absorb the news. But my mom wasn’t going to take it. I remember her saying “It’s not possible, its not possible, she is supposed to be on that list, you must have missed a list, you didn’t check all the lists well” she said as she walked up the stairs.

I wanted to cry because I knew my sister was meticulous and wouldn’t make that kind of mistake but I kind of felt hopeful, if mom said I deserved to be on the list, then big sis didn’t check it well.

My mom went back to the school to check it herself and she was right, my sister had missed a spot.

Somehow, this day became one of my most cherished memories. The day my mom rejected the obvious, hoped on all hopes and believed in my ability.

That day gave birth to a more confident me.

Sometimes, what you need in your life is that person(s) that believes so much in what you can do even when a report may say otherwise.

They are called support systems, and trust me, they are everything.

Have a fabulous terrific Tuesday!

My sweet mom & I

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