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Twitter Stories 2

My day has been great so far, and yeah, I stumbled on something interesting on twitter.

I personally don’t like getting involved with topics that cut across religious lines. I just prefer to read and scroll through comments and discussions.

So I picked up a conversation when the news popped up on Twitter NG about a 15-year-old girl who got arrested for allegedly killing her 50 something-year-old husband.

There was a lot of outrage on the news, some people were of the opinion the girl wasn’t supposed to be married off in the first place and the pedophile got what he deserved, some felt the girl needed to be put away regardless, while some other people, well, had an entirely different opinion.

Somehow I stumbled on this thread.

I wasn’t expecting the replies that followed.

I was shook, to say the least…but I kept on strolling.

A lot of ignorance was displayed throughout the replies that I couldn’t go further. I closed the app and just laid down thinking about how child marriage was being rationalized.

It didn’t make any iota of sense to me. IMO, child marriage has a lot to do with the selfish interest of all the adults involved and nothing to do with religion.

Child marriage does absolute nothing to curb sexual immorality. There is no correlation whatsoever!

I totally condemn child marriage, the girl child deserves to live, get educated and live up to her potential.


P.S: Child marriage is not the same as early marriage.

Early marriage = 18 – 22/23

Child marriage= < 18

P.S.S: Just because your grandma and mother was a victim of child marriage doesn’t make it right.

Good night, got some more thinking to do.🌼

2 thoughts on “Twitter Stories 2”

  1. Woww, it’s so sad how some people think, especially the so called educated ones,child marriage is wrong from all angles, it’s barbaric to say the least.

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