My Previous Life

I have written something about my tribe in one of my previous posts. You can check it out here >>>>The country side

Okay let’s come back, I am an Igbo girl, born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria.

According to Igbo mythology, it is believed that people reincarnate. The evidences of this, usually includes birthmarks, a striking resemblance and sometimes peculiar behaviours displayed by the child. To confirm such suspicions, families hire fortune tellers to reveal the ancestral identity of the child in their former life, the baby is sometimes named after this relative.

Modern traditionalists still hold on to this belief till today.

My family members have however, taken this myth to a whole new level, and believe it or not we can find and confirm our own evidences without the help of any diviner.

Whatever thing you like or hate, trust me, my family will concoct a good story of what went on in your previous life.

I have a brother who doesn’t like to eat fish and we used to tease him about having a titanic love story with a mermaid in his previous life.

My little nephew loves holding on to his shoes while walking barefoot. His mom once joked about it and said “Perhaps, he got shot and robbed off his shoes in his previous life and now he has to protect it at all cost.”

One of my phobias is crossing a busy road and I sometimes wonder if perhaps I got cleared off the road by a hit and run driver in my previous life.

Despite knowing there is no such thing as reincarnation; when I meet someone and they tell me about something they find interesting or get put off by, I just can’t help but throw in a line about how it had something to do with their previous life.

In as much as, I consider reincarnations a myth, I strongly believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Happy Easter!!!

Enjoy the holidays.🌼

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