More Than Expected🌼

The holidays have been awesome, spending time with loved ones is one thing I can’t get enough of.

Although, I have been a little stressed out with baby-sitting my niblings, its nothing compared to the joy I feel in my heart just being around them.

So, something interesting happened today.

My brother-in-law told the kids to arrange the house today, perhaps to give me a break. I was doing the dishes and constantly peeping to see how they were doing.

It was fun to see them sweating it out and shouting at each other to put in more effort to get the work done.

After a few minutes, they managed to get the sitting room a bit tidy. I had finished up in the kitchen and decided to inspect their bedroom, and to my amazement, they had done a pretty good job.

I was so excited and collapsed on the nicely made bed. The excitement quickly rushed out of me as it had rushed in when I saw my nieces throwing themselves all over the place and crying about how I ruined the bed they had just made today, just today.

It was hilarious to behold their tantrums, just one day they were made to arrange the house and make their beds and they were about to lose their minds because I slept on it.

I sat up and looked at them smiling, and I said “Now you know how I feel, when you scatter everywhere, just few minutes after a good arrange”

Like my niblings, many people are oblivious of other people’s effort until they walk half a mile in their shoes.

While their behaviour maybe excused because they are a bunch of six and three-year-olds, same can’t be said for adults.

Learn to appreciate the efforts of your friends, family, colleagues, subordinates, basically just everyone around you.

Like they say:

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.

Being told you are appreciated is one of the simplest and most uplifting thing to hear.

Say hi to your WCW.

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