Good to be back🌼

My Easter holiday lasted about a month, I was so eager to spend time with loved ones, so I finished what I had to do in Niger state in order to head to Lagos.

I had an amazing time I must say.

Highlights of my holiday

1. A fun outing with my niblings💛

2. I had a photoshoot and finessed the hell out of it.

3. Enjoyed wonderful dates with the LOML💕

4. Attended an insightful HSE summit.

5. Lazed around😄

I was so sad when the holiday ended. It was time to go back to serving my fatherland, and so I journeyed back to Niger state to complete my one-year compulsory service with a heavy heart.

The bus I boarded to Mokwa was comfy, and I decided to snag this cute selfie.

I got to Mokwa about 4 pm, and all my cute smiles quickly vanished because the car I boarded to kanji was nothing to write home about. We were about nine in number in a five-seater.

There were four adults in the front and five persons at the back where I sat. (4 adults and a child)

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to this trip at all. My 4G network had left my phone immediately we got to Ogbmosho and my network bars had dropped to two by the time we got to Niger state.

On the bright side, the serenity of this remote community was a delight to inhale.

I had missed the fresh air, the quietness, the laid-back and simple lifestyle of the people and how can I forget the intense heat!

I had missed everything!

And then it began to rain, I relished every drop that fell on my scorched skin.

Oh, how I love the smell of rain.

It really felt good to be back.🌼

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