Unexpected Places🍂

Mondays come with a lot work and all the baggage we are not ready to face just yet, and no matter how we try to avoid sorting out our plate, there is no discarding it.

Even though I tried pretty hard to concentrate today, my mind kept wandering away from all the work I had to deal with to Something had happened two months ago.

It was a lazy day and the noise at the gate had caught my attention, I wondered how difficult it was for anyone to just open the latch and spare my eardrums. I came out of my apartment frowning and right there I saw her, she had managed to open it as she struggled to come in with basins to fetch water.

She muttered a greeting to me as she walked by to the tap. Not long after, an older girl walked in and said a few things to the girl in a language I couldn’t place and saw herself out as quickly as she came.

It was normal to have people come in to fetch water, the community is known for its water issues and my benevolent landlord gave access to his borehole. Probably as a way of giving back to his community.

Everything looked fine, just a young girl fetching water as she waits for perhaps her older sibling to come carry the basins by the time it was filled up. And so I went inside to continue whatever I was doing.

After a few minutes, I went out to get some water also and there I saw her, standing over all the filled basins, looking down and fiddling with her fingers.

“Do you need help?” I said. “Should I help you lift it on your head?” I asked. She smiled and shook her head sideways.

After an hour or more, my neighbor came in and muttered something, the girl nods her head up and down to signal a yes, and then she lifted one of the little basins onto the girl’s head.

And then it dawned on me, she didn’t understand English!

She had waited by her basins hoping help would come from someone, not just anyone, but someone who could speak a language she understood.

Sitting in the library today, I thought about how long we wait looking for help in all the familiar places and how we let so many opportunities from unfamiliar places slide.

It’s a new week, embrace all the opportunities you can. Sometimes the best of things come from the most unexpected places.


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