My Favourite Commuters💛

My NYSC journey was like boarding a train to God-knows-where and preparing to experience God-knows-what.

Initially, I just wanted to sit by the window with my earphones plugged in and a book in hand, not minding other commuters till I got off.

Then it dawned on me, there was clearly no use embarking on a journey if it wasn’t going to be worth exploring. So I took out my earphones, closed my book and said “Hi” to the next commuter.

I really can’t believe my NYSC is gradually coming to an end, it feels like it was just yesterday. I would sincerely miss everyone I was opportune to meet.

Time really does fly.

So let me introduce my favorite commuters:

1. Katie Katie

My Awesome Roomate

She is pretty, easy-going, conservative and very playful if you know the right buttons to press. We were both so different but eventually became inseparable.

2. Oyin

So his name in English means “honey”. Isn’t that great? To have people call you an endearment all the rest of your life. Oyin is a wonderful guy with an awesome personality, totally unproblematic and has the fastest wifi on the train. Did I mention he is over 6ft?

3. Malama Hassana

My Special Friend

This was a commuter I never expected to cross paths with. She is a resilient, vibrant woman who was dedicated to learning how to read and write against all odds. Talk about someone who has gone through pain and still manages to put up a big smile and laugh at my not so funny jokes.

4. My young stars:

My Students

I struggled with them at the beginning, but I knew this was one war I was going to win. They all improved beyond expectations and made me so proud. There are truly no bad students, only bad teachers.

I really want to see all of them doing great things in the future.

5. My Suya Man

I never asked him his name, but my tastebuds are forever grateful for crossing paths with him.

6. Abdul & Nana

My naughty little friends

This duo made it their life’s work to disturb my existence. Always screaming my name like I owed them money. I will miss them so much. They taught me how to find joy in the littlest of things.

I met so many others but my favourite commuters were unusual people who made my journey worthwhile. I may never see them again once I drop off but I will always remember the memories and how fate brought them to me or me to them, or how ever this fate stuff works.

I really hope my smiles and goofiness got imprinted into their hearts too.

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Commuters💛

  1. Theodora says:

    Real good post.
    I wish you can flesh out the commuters, especially mallama hassana, Abdul and Nana.

    Btw, why did you keep the face of the females hidden?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ria's Haven says:

      Thank you so much.
      I didn’t notice the faces of the females were hidden, I was interested in taking random photos of them not really paying attention to the camera.

      About fleshing out the commuters, I will do something about it, I was trying not to make a lengthy post but it looks like a few words on my favorite commuters won’t hurt.


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