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Twitter Stories 5

Today’s story is kind of linked to >>> Twitter Stories 4.

So this is 2019 and we are still on this narrative about men being tagged overgrown babies that can’t take care of themselves much less watch the kids.

Under this tweet were a handful of men who gladly agreed and found their incompetence hilarious and something women should learn about not bothering them to ever do.

Some men who disagreed about this were regarded as the rare 2%.

Of course, many women were quite displeased.

It was a disappointing thread to read to say the least.

Unfortunately, many men still enjoy wallowing in such mediocrity. Very quick to call themselves overgrown babies when it comes to household duties but want to dish out orders and lord over everyone when it comes to benefits.

Well, guess what?

Many women in my generation are no longer going to settle for less.

Happy new week guys!

2 thoughts on “Twitter Stories 5”

  1. Simple truth: selfishness.
    Humans are innately selfish.
    Most females are raised early to curb their selfish impulses by ” don’t you know you’ll be in a man’s house one day?”

    So the girl child learns early to keep her desires/wants/needs subject to everyone else in the house.

    On the other hand, the boy child is allowed to run free and wild….


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