10 Things Love Has Taught Me💕

Today, two years ago I decided to do life with my best friend. That decision has been by far, the best decision I ever made.

Growing up, I used to believe love just happened, you know, like how it’s portrayed in movies. It’s raining and then two strangers bump into each other, their books scattered all over the place and in that split electrifying second, they both reach for the same crayon, their fingers touch and then poof! Magic happens.

It wasn’t like that for us. It was way slower and of course, no rain was involved.

So here is what I have learned:

1. Love is a Decision:

Love doesn’t just show up in the hearts of two people. It’s a decision you make and a choice to keep or let go. Love is like a seed that you choose to plant in your garden and then make it your duty to nurture and protect as it grows into a mighty tree with sturdy roots or choose to ignore and watch it wither.

2. Love is Humble:

Pride and love cannot dwell together, my boyfriend taught me this by always putting his ego and pride aside to tackle problems in the most gentle manner.

3. Love is Respect:

Respecting and valuing the opinions and perspectives of your partner is important, not because you want to score brownie points with them but because a person’s opinion is a huge part of them.

4. Love is Commitment & Dedication:

Love is not a fleeting emotion that just shows up when it’s convenient and disappears when it’s not. It is consistent and committed.

5. Love is Intentional:

It never leaves you second-guessing, it is crystal clear and deliberate.

6. Love is Kind:

Even in the face of a heated argument, a loss, a huge mistake or a failure.

7. Love Gives Peace:

It doesn’t burden your heart, you always feel calm and at peace like the sea.

8. Love is Honest:

Love seeks out the truth, it is transparent in its dealings. It is void of any form of deception and falsehood.

9. Love is friendship:

A true friend always wants the best for you, eager to help and support but most importantly, never scared of telling you the truth in the most loving way.

10. Love is You.

You are an embodiment of love, created with love, nurtured and taught with love. To love someone truly, you must love yourself unconditionally. You can’t give what you don’t have.

Like they say, it’s never the length of time that counts but the quality of the memories you create.

I never want to stop creating memories with you, my love. Thank you for two years of true happiness. I love you, Henry ❤.

18 thoughts on “10 Things Love Has Taught Me💕

  1. Cathy says:

    Chaii, this is really sweet and beautiful,😨 I want to be your first child’s 👼God mother, so don’t even think of breaking up, unwanu come and get married💑, I wish you a future filled with God,love and money in lots. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. brucesbiblepage says:

    Good job. I don’t know where you two are on the faith issue, but my wife and I have 37 married years together and friends for 6 years before they. We had some issues the first few years but God came into our lives at about the 10 year mark. We’ve discovered that we have less disagreement if we keep God in the middle.


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