Twitter Stories 6

How was today’s message in your respective place of worship? and for those who are not into all that Sunday ish, what have you been up to?

Well for me, I have been lazying around and looking up stories on Twitter.

And guess what I found?

The most absurd, disgusting sermon as narrated by Tomi.

I didnt even know what to say? What kind of demonic advice is this?

This made me remember when my sister once said on a television show that “the church” enables domestic violence.

I guess she meant *right in the quote.

Nothing pisses me off when someone is trying to make a point about violence on women or anybody for that matter and starts with “I am not saying what the assailant did was right but….” but what? but what exactly?

Because such statement insinuates that somehow the victim is at fault too.

I won’t deny the fact that “the church” or religion is an important agent of change in the society but unfortunately it is really playing a part in silencing victims of any form of abuse.

I am speaking generally based on churches in Nigeria, I really can’t say about other places tho. The obsession over longevity instead of how healthy the relationship is, is infuriating.

Many christian women want to show off about how they have been married for 20+ years, when what they did was survived rather than thrived.

My point is, at the end of the day, violence should not have any place in our hearts. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not endured, cases of battery should be reported to the authorities and not settled with deliverance and poor counselling sessions because its supposed to be “the devil” at work.

I wish you a great week ahead!🌻

P.S: Sundays are for Twitter stories.

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