What’s In My Bag — Lazy day at school.

I may be a beginner at some things, but I’ve got a black belt in enjoying a lazy day.

– Me

The network has been terrible around here these past few days. That aside, I am super glad to be back today.

I have been seeing a lot of what’s-in-my-bag post on several social media platforms by popular bloggers and even though I am not famous or anything I decided to do a similar post.

Like I have said in my previous posts, I have two jobs and recently, my first job has been less demanding so I spend more hours on my second job as a substitute teacher at a small private school in the village.

The students are currently writing their mid-term tests so my bag is pretty much light because I am not teaching and therefore I don’t need to carry my lesson notes, textbooks and a bunch of white-board markers.

So today, I decided to carry my black Nine West sling/cross-body bag which is actually what I carry three out of five working days a week. It was a gift from my brother-in-law sometime last year.

Sling bags are a must-have for every woman, they are functional, super comfortable and stylish.

I love the interior, it has designated pockets for my phones and debit cards as well as an inner zip for cash and smaller items like keys, hairpins, lip gloss and so on.

Oh, and lest I forget, it has a back pocket where I mostly throw loose change in because of how easily accessible it is.

Let’s check out the contents in my handbag:

1. My business & personal planner. I get easily distracted so filling these out from time to time helps me get things in order.

2. My mini-notepad. Where I make random notes when inspired.

3. A novel. For when I am bored out of my wits.

4. Lip balm/gloss. To moisturize my lips at intervals.

5: My keys. Well, I don’t have to explain this.

6: Highlighter. To highlight important dates, events, quotes, new words I find in my novel, basically anything worth highlighting.

7. Pocket mirror. Just because I sometimes like looking at my face for no reason.

8. Coloring markers. To paint my stick drawings.

I am going to be spending my free time at school reflecting, reading and of course, making random notes and drawings.

Let me know what items you have in your bag too in the comment section.

Have a productive day at work today!

Today is a good day to be happy, don’t ruin it by thinking of a bad yesterday.

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