Peevish Thursday

People who say small things don’t bother them have never slept in a room with a mosquito.

— Dennis Rainey

Everyone has pet peeves — little things that makes your skin crawl or gets you really irritated or annoyed. It could be a sound, action or a bad habit you can’t just put up with.

Well, I don’t know if it’s the heat in Nigeria but a lot of things get on my nerves. In as much as I can be quite accomodating, there are some things that get me all riled up and ready to punch someone in the face.

So today, I will be ranting about my pet peeves.

1. People, particularly men who sit with their legs wide open in a public transit. Like are you trying to give birth or what!?

2. People who ask to check out my phone and proceed to start going through my messages. I always feel compelled to headbutt people like this.

3. Random men who touch me to get my attention. This irritates the hell out of me.😫

4. When someone I don’t actually know knocks and am like who is it and they respond “it’s me” Who the fuck are you⁉️😠

5. People that just tug at your hair out of nowhere to check if it’s a wig.🤷

6. People who say “My names are….”🤦

7. People who say “yesternight” like TF‼️😠 Just say last night.

8. When someone says “No offense, but…” and proceeds to say something offensive.

9. When someone bashes my favorite book/movie/show, but they’ve never even read/watched it. I really hate this😑.

10. The screeching sound of metal on any surface.

11. Slow internet. Arrrgh!

12. When someone says “I have gist for you, I will tell you later”. Then wth did you even mention it in the first place.

13. Complainers. Jeez! I can’t stand people who whine at every given opportunity.

14. People who stand in front of an entrance. Like what are you? A ghost?

15. Slow and late texters. The only people who have a free pass on this are my parents.

16. When I buy food and people say “can you finish that?”. No, I plan to pour half of it on the floor before I start eating.

17. When people ask obvious questions. You can see me eating and then you still ask “are you eating?” Like, are you blind or retarded which is it?

18. People who shout Jesus!!! out of no where in public.

19. When people clap at the end of a movie in a theater. It’s not a live show for goodness sake!

20. People who scream “Do you know who I am!?” to intimidate others.

21. When people say “you know how it is…” to something you have no idea of.

22. Random colleagues who overshare personal stories you didn’t even ask for. I mean I love details but not when I didn’t ask.

23. People who text like this “hw wz ur nyt mi luv?”🤦

24. When I say “thank you” and the other person says “don’t mention”. Don’t mention what exactly? 😠

25. People who sneeze more than twice in a row. I am not sparing any more “bless you”.

26. When I play and have a good time with a baby the day before and then they start acting all brand new and crying when I try to hold them the next day or week. 😣

27. Movies where the hero gets shot a zillion times and not one single bullet hits, but they shoot back once and the villian dies, just like that!

28. Dirt under fingernails.😖

29. Dirty personal toilets.😩

30. When adults refer to sex as “it” or find it difficult to say penis or vagina. 🤦 what are you guys? Six?

31. When people take forever at the ATM.

32. Passive-aggressive behaviour. Just freaking say what is on your mind.

The list is endless…..
Feel free to add yours in the comment section.

P.S: I am very far from perfect and I can be annoying as hell too.😌

13 thoughts on “Peevish Thursday”

  1. Gaskiya…i enjoyed reading this, made me loose my home training cuz of laughter althrough,thanks 😉😍…pet peeves🤔

    I can relate wella with no3😡


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