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Three Things I wish I could Do Well.

Happy Eid el-Fitr Celebrations to my Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world. Thank you so much for the holidays, I can’t believe I have a whole week to myself, a whole week of staying up late binge watching movies and building a lot of content for my blog. Isn’t that amazing?

Day 04:

I have a ton of things I really want to able to do so well but I guess we can’t be masters in everything.

So let me start with my number one

1. Keeping My Mouth Shut.

Especially when I see something that is obviously none of my business to talk about. How do quiet people even do it? I need tutorials urgently. I freaking talk too much for someone who stutters.

2. Walking Perfectly In Heels:

We all know heels add a kind of class and sophistication to any look. You could rock a basic dress with the right heels and you will look like you just stepped out of a runway. I really suck at wearing heels, two minutes into it and I am looking for the nearest pole or person, whichever one I find first to hold on to.

3. Speaking Fluently in at Least Two Foreign Languages:

Preferable german and French. I started taking a few lessons online late last year but I have not been consistent as with many things on my wishlist.

However, I can’t wait to get back on track so that I can show off to all my haters, and by haters I mean my best friends.😌

Enough of me, let’s talk about you. What are the three things you wish you could do so well?

It’s not enough to wish, if you really want something then you have to put in the work.

— Me

I know it’s pretty ironic coming from me but whatever. Anyways, feel free to quote me.

Have a wonderful day!

12 thoughts on “Three Things I wish I could Do Well.”

  1. One, I wish I know how to stop jumping into ridiculous conclusions, my reasoning ehn is not in this world. But I’m working on it.
    Two, work perfectly on heels, I mean perfectly, for hours.


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