Writing challenge

Why Did I Start Blogging?

If you want to feel an undying passion for your work, If you want to feel you are contributing to something bigger than yourself, then you must know your WHY.— Simon Sinek

Day 06:

I have no outstanding response to this question. Unlike other bloggers, I didn’t feel like I had an amazing story to share that would save the whole of humanity from impending wars and climate change.

The thought of blogging had never even crossed my mind, I just loved writing little bits here and there and that was it; but like so many things we never thought we would love doing till something triggers the idea, I found myself blogging and I am loving every bit of it.

So what was my trigger?

Two years ago, I got an offer to write for a blog for a meager sum. I wasn’t excited about it but I needed money at the time so I accepted.

I was to write five posts a week which I found a bit excessive since I was supposed to be writing inspirational content and the pay wasn’t in any way commensurate.

Anyways, I accepted and I was supposed to send my first post via email on the first day of the next week. I finished the post and it was titled “You Deserve To Be Happy” which was ironic because I wasn’t happily writing such content for peanuts. Click here to read the post.

I talked to my sisters about it and sent them a mail to check it out. I remember them telling me to reject the offer after they read my first post.

They told me to open my blog and post it there instead and I did just that. That was how I started blogging, now let me answer the “why”?

It was because I no longer wanted to keep my words in between the pages of a book or get paid to regurgitate it five times a week. I wanted to just put them out there, I wanted to take my chances.

There you have it, why I started blogging.

For as long as there’s anyone to ask ‘Why?’ the answer will always be, ‘Why not?’.

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